A selection of photos from Ludonation 2016...

This year's event was sponsored by Triple Ace Games and Czech Games Edition


The Parish Hall - the gamers have arrived



The food is out



Gamers gaming



Tumblin' Dice has started... who's going to win 'Rhino Hero'?



Justin on his way to winning this game of Trajan






The Golden Ages



Mike and Maria talk about the charity Fun4All



The amazing raffle prizes !



Are you feeling lucky?



First choice of the prizes goes to Joel



...and he chooses Might and Magic: Heroes



Kathryn chooses Halfling Feast and Monastery



Ros goes for the Alchemists: The King's Golem



... and Allister selects Codenames: Pictures



Matt wins the Dave Mortimer designed game Flock



... Stuart gets lucky twice and chooses a whole set of the Ghost Hunter card game and Trollland



the games continue



The amazing Ice Hockey game by STIGA found some new fans



CGE's Adrenaline being enjoyed by Jon, Matthew, Ros and Allister



So good they played it twice... Terraforming Mars



Tony and Ian feel the frustration of Tumblin' Dice



...and just before Ludonation goes to sleep for another year... the Force Awakens

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