Mike's thank you message - 09/12/2016

Mike Oakes from the charity Fun4All would like to thank everyone, read what he has to say... here

Photos from this years event - 09/12/2016

Look back at this year's event... here

Thank you to everyone who helped to raise money for Fun4All at Ludonation this year - 01/12/2016

This year we raised...


...for Fun4All.

Triple Ace Games have donated another stunning prize to the raffle - 23/11/2016

Triple Ace Games have donated a full set of Kedric Winks' beautifully illustrated card game 'Ghost Hunter'... here

CGE (Czech Games Edition) have donated more great prizes to the raffle - 20/11/2016

Adding to the prizes they have already donated, CGE have also sent us lots of promos and the brand new expansion 'The King's Golem' to their amazing potion mixing deduction game Alchemists.

Take a look at the raffle prizes here

David J Mortimer has donated some of his published games to the raffle - 12/11/2016

Local game designer David J Mortimer has donated copies of 4 of his great designs. Twilight Squabble, Flock, [microfilms] and Pocket Imperium are the fantastic games up for grabs.

Take a look at all the raffle prizes here

Tony Simons has donated LOTS of great prizes to the raffle - 04/11/2016

Chippenham Board Games Club regular and Board Game Blogger Tony Simons has donated the following games; China, P.I., Funfair, Senator, Monastery, Sector 41, Wadi, La Loire, Minotaur Lords, Wild Fun West, Gipsy King, Barking up the Wrong Tree, Like: The Social Game and Trias.

Take a look at all the raffle prizes here

CGE (Czech Games Edition) have donated prizes to the raffle - 31/10/2016

CGE have donated some great prizes to the raffle; Codenames Pictures, a very special and exclusive T-Shirt and some promos.

Take a look at the raffle prizes here

Triple Ace Games have donated prizes to the raffle - 12/10/2016

Triple Ace Games have donated 3 of their great games to the raffle; Rocket Race, Halfling Feast and Cadaver... here

Another raffle prize has been added - 12/10/2016

Kathryn has very kindly donated a copy of Might and Magic: Heroes the board game to the raffle... here

Tumblin' Dice Challenge Prize Revealed - 08/10/2016

This year the winner of the Tumblin' Dice Challenge will take home a copy of Rhino Hero. Remember, everyone can try their hand at the challenge as many times as they like throughout the day! Tumblin' Dice Challenge details here

A raffle prize has been added - 23/09/2016

Kevin has donated Arctic Scavengers to the raffle... here

2016 Launch Day - 22/09/2016

The 2016 website is now live!

The aim of Ludonation is to bring together gamers from the local area (and maybe further afield), for a fun day of board gaming and fundraising for local charity Fun4All.

Ludonation 2015 Review - 02/10/2015

Thank you to everyone who helped make Ludonation a success. We raised £376.16 for Fun4All.

You can see some photos from the event here

I'm looking forward to the next Ludonation already... I hope you are too. 

The Tumblin' Dice Challenge - 20/09/2015

This is your chance to win a copy of 'The Grizzled'. All you have to do is get the highest score by Tumblin' some Dice. Find out more here

Raffle News - The CGE Promos have arrived - 05/09/2015

CGE have kindly donated NINE Promos for these great games; Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar, Galaxy Trucker, Alchemists, Dungeon Petz, Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends, Last Will and Goblins Inc. Find out more here

Lots more great games have been donated to the raffle - 31/08/2015

An extremely generous donation of NINE games from Tony Simons has shifted the raffle up another gear! These games are still shrink wrapped and there's something to suit all tastes. Some of the highlights are Cosmic Encounter, Oltre Mare, Aquileia and Beowulf The Legend. See the full list here

CGE (Czech Games Edition) donate to the raffle - 08/08/2015

CGE (Czech Games Edition) have generously donated a copy of their new party game 'Codenames' designed by the impressively versatile game designer Vlaada Chvátil. I've played a prototype of this game and it's excellent. There will also be some Promos for other CGE games.

Click here for more details

Chaos Publishing donate to the raffle - 02/08/2015

Chaos Publishing (our friendly local game publisher) have donated copies of their fantastic tactical conquest game Medieval Mastery to the raffle, thanks Miles and David!

Click here for more details

There's going to be a Raffle - 31/07/2015

Local game designer David Mortimer has donated two of his published designs as prizes, Pocket Imperium and Dragon Slayer. He's also donated a fun dexterity part game called In a Bind.

Fancy getting your hands on one of these fantastic games? Then enter the raffle... coming soon to games night near you.

Click here for more details

Launch Day - 28/07/2015

The website is now live!

The aim of Ludonation 2015 is to bring together gamers from the local area (and maybe further afield), for a fun day of board gaming and fundraising for local charity Fun4All.

My original idea of a tournament between the local clubs has been put on hold for the moment. I think it might be a good idea to keep things simple this year and see who turns up. Maybe next year.



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